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Grant literacy for learners of all ages and abilities!

Crick Software, best known for Clicker 6 and WriteOnline, focuses on bringing literacy success to struggling readers and writers of all ages and abilities!

  • We offer OneSchool 5-user, 10-user, 30-user, and site license packs for many of our solutions.
  • Our OneSchool licensing makes it very affordable to get the benefits of our software for your entire school.
  • Each OneSchool pack includes everything you need to install and use the software on the specified number of computers within one school.
  • Ask your Curriculum Adviser about pricing!

Elementary Solutions

Clicker 6: Literacy without Limits!

  • Extensive support for emergent, developing, and struggling readers and writers.
  • As students complete a sentence, Clicker automatically reads it aloud.
  • Clicker's built-in predictor improves the productivity of struggling spellers.
  • Clicker Sets give learners point-and-click access to whole words, phrases, and pictures.

Clicker Apps: Touch, Write, Succeed!

  • Student-friendly literacy tools developed for the iPad®.
  • Clicker Sentences: create differentiated sentence building activities.
  • Clicker Connect: Connect words and phrases to build sentences.
  • Clicker Docs: Transform your iPad into a portable elementary word processer.
  • Clicker Books: Help children create their very own talking books

Powered by Clicker: Additional Curriculum Content Resources

  • Clicker Foundations for Reading: Developing phonological awareness.
  • Clicker Tales: Traditional stories told the Clicker way!
  • New to English: English Language Learning for all ELL students.
  • Find Out & Write About: Award-winning non-fiction series.
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Middle School and High School Solutions

WriteOnline: Writing Success Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Provide age-appropriate support throughout the writing process.
  • Organize ideas with WriteOnline's powerful graphic organizer tool.
  • WriteOnline's clear voice feedback enables students to review what they have written.
  • Wordbars and writing frames bring curriculum writing tasks within reach of all your learners by giving access to specific words and phrases for their writing tasks.

WriteOnline App: Touch, Write, Succeed!

  • Review writing with clear speed.
  • Increase writing productivity and accuracy with word prediction.
  • Provide subject-specific writing support with Wordbars.
  • Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips.
  • Personalized support for every student.
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Accessibility Solutions

SuperKeys: The Assistive Keyboard for iPad and iPhone

  • Provides an accessible keyboard for people with mild to moderate physical challenges and those with low vision.
  • The unique design of SuperKeys gives you just seven large keys to target instead of more than 30 small ones.
  • Intelligent word predictor minimizes key presses.
  • SuperKeys shows up to 36 of your customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Symbol Set: Award-Winning Software for All Abilites

  • Support learners with special literacy or communication needs.
  • Widgit Symbols: Over 10,000 colorful, simply-drawn symbols which each illustrate a single concept.
  • Mayer-Johnson PCS: Widely-used in the field of augmentative and alternative communication as well as for literacy support.
  • SymbolStix: New and dynamic symbols set.
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